Sneha is a Bangalore based photographic artist. Born in a Bengali household with mountain air for company- art, music, dance were a natural progression to growing up. She moved to Bangalore right after school where culture shock was awaiting her only to draw her attention to all the wonderful opportunities the world had to offer.

She has had the opportunity of working alongside some of the best companies, performers and productions from all over the globe during her internship with Ranga Shankara. She has also been associated with Attakkalari India Biennial – South Asia’s largest international contemporary dance and movement arts festival. Simultaneously, enamored by the world of theatre, she has dabbled as a performer, production manager, and sound supervisor for several city-based productions. She is easily drawn to the poetic and artistic elements of life. Day dreams are what her realities are made of. All things art and culture fascinated her and once she peeked into this world there was no looking back. A firm believer of learning on the job, internships kept her busy through her college years and she also worked part-time as theatre reviewer and reporter/photographer for several publications. Those formative years and the people she met is what she owes her diverse experience to.

When not day-dreaming, Sneha likes to spend her time reading, listening to music, going on aimless walks, travelling, doodling, gardening and watching movies. She is fascinated by the moon (Murakami has a huge role to play in it), all things retro (she wishes she were born in an earlier generation), lotus, mountain, the pleasant smell after the first rain, Dali and the exhaustive list goes on. Of late, her learning curve towards Bengali literature, music, movies and culture has exponentially increased and she is working on the same.

On the commercial front, Sneha has stuck to photography for the time being dabbling with genres that include weddings, lifestyle, interiors/architecture, travel, food and freelance photo-journalism for several magazines and newspapers. She is the founder and creative head of Bangalore based company, Coffee Stains. She likes to divide her time between commissioned work and artistic pursuits. She is interested in the reactivation of public spaces through interactive art. Imperfection in art is something that highly fascinates her. She takes keen interest in preserving old art forms and practices that seems to be affected by this sudden mutation of native art practices, owing to globalization and it’s long hands. Public spaces, interactive art, interplay of mediums and an ardent desire to preserve our heritage and culture is a realm she would want to explore through her work. Her musings with her current existential quarter life crisis has left her with several ideas she would like to bring to life with the help of projects and documentaries.