Train journeys evoke different translations for different people. At times when plane travel was considered luxurious or an emergency, train journeys blurred the lines between fiction and non-fiction. Peaking out through that window was like watching a travel show. Despite being from the same country there are times one might not understand each other at all. I took a long train journey encompassing a few states recently. Structures at stations have been modified to stay relevant in the changing times. Despite these overhauls, its essence has remained the same. It evokes the same sound, smell, ethos in those chapters named childhood in our mind. I was revisiting memories from a distant childhood. That pure innocence of chasing the moon, of awkward conversations with strangers, certain food that invariably spelt train journeys. Aromas, textures, tastes and visions transport, the memory swells. Fill in the blur is a documentation of life outside the train window at various intervals during the journey. It would seek to give an aesthetic entry point to really engage at a more local level to a place, its people, way of life, the diversity of our country. The scenery is often vibrant, chaotic or mundane but lends a different dimension of visual appeal to India. What better souvenir than travelling both the past and present with memories that can be preserved on paper. All characters in the photos are not fictional, their stories I concoct in my head are.

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